Welcome to Filelocker

Filelocker is a web based secure file sharing application that facilitates easy file sharing between users at an organization and promotes secure data sharing habits.

Filelocker was developed by IT Networks and Security at Purdue University for the purpose of allowing students and faculty to share files with other people both inside and outside of Purdue University. It is a temporary and secure storage system for sharing files and data. More than 20 universities worldwide are using Filelocker for HIPAA and FERPA compliant data sharing.

  • Upload and share files with users at your organization.
  • Request files from public users.
  • Create software distribution accounts that many users can access.
  • Send encrypted messages securely.
  • Retrieve user information from many sources with an extensible plugin system.
  • Audit user activity.
  • Implements AES-256 encryption on uploaded files and messages.
  • Integrates with LDAP and CAS.